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Jadi-Amrit Institute of United States of America, Inc JAI believes in Peace, Happiness and Harmony on this Earth. awareness in health; physical, emotional and spiritual, Education for children.
Jeffco Action Center, Inc.
Jeffco Self-Sufficiency Council
Johnson County Task Force on Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc.


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Charities Partnership are always delighted to assist organisations in any way we can, however sometimes we are so busy helping charities etc. we often over look promoting our own site as much as we would like to. If you could help us by putting a link to our site from your organisation's site it would be greatly appreciated, and it would also enable us to further help others. If you would like to, e-mail us and let us know you have helped in this way as it would be nice to thank you.
Thank you for your time and interest, from the team at charitiespartnership.com