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From: Laura Pen, Oakland's School, Kent.
Air Show, Eat Your Heart Out. Every year Biggin Hill (in the UK) becomes a very busy and popular place to be. The Biggin Hill Air Show comes to town. Its a spectacular event that packs in thousands of people, many from all over the world. My previous school had a cool idea. Knowing there was a great interest from all of the children and that many had seen the official show from the airport grounds as usual, they added there own special function to it. Instead of travelling up the road to the show, they had there own viewing from there school field. It was timed so nobody missed the spectacular sky displays. An entrance fee was asked from all the children and parents. There was also refreshments and a Bar-B-Q . Topped with a raffle and candy floss it was a great day and virtually all profit. Oh, by the way Bruv, Good luck with your site.


Marey, County Down, Southern Ireland.

Targets. Have you ever tried to play a game of soccer without a goal mouth, or tried playing Golf without a flag or hole to swing at. One thing is for sure, you would never score the goal or ever win your putt. Every charity or organisation must have targets if it is to reach its full potential. One useful way is to produce a chart, perhaps as tall as a person, that everybody can see. As your fundraising prospers you place your results on your chart, so everyone can see where you've gone and where you're going.


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