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From:Veronica, New York, USA.

Gaining and maintaining positive live links within your local community is a must if you want any hope of gaining outside support and revenue. Let's say as an example you are involved with a church fund raising committee. Once you have established a front man or woman, (possibly the chairperson) get them to work straight away introducing themselves to everybody within the parish and taking note of essential details, such as there name and address, phone number,  if they work, what they do. Would they have time and inclination to join the team of fund raisers. If not would there be any other way of helping financially or with key contacts that could assist your aims. Be seen to take a genuine interest in others and sure enough others will take an interest in you and what your involved in. Make friends within the business community and become known. You would be surprised how many valuable contacts you can make just by turning up at a few local town meetings a year. If your front person is young, they might enjoy going to a young business start-up club. You know the sort I mean, where people are starting up there new business venture and are often giving very low charges to get there business of the ground and established. Obviously be sure to use reputable quality workers. I recently spoke to an established screen printer who told me he has two organisations that have been with him sins starting his business more than twenty years ago. He said he always gives the very best discounts to them because of that very reason. As they grow they will remember you have always been a regular customer and probably discount there price structure to keep your custom. When I started my business "Veronica's" I used this method and found it saved me big bucks.

P.S. Good luck with your new site.

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Blue Ventures  Dedicated to raising awareness of the need for coral reef conservation and research.
Projects information (Madagascar, Tanzania, Comoros & New Zealand):

Baby Milk Action International development agencies call on European Commission to consider infant health

BACUP A free information service about cancer and cancer care for the general public from the University of Birmingham.


The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Inc.

Baddour Memorial Center, Inc.

Baptist General Convention of Texas Texas Baptist Children's Home

Benjamin Rose Institute

Body Positive Access The Body's 30,000-document library updated daily.

Boulder Day Nursery

Ballynafeigh Community Development Association.

Baptist Union of Great Britain

Baptist Union of Scotland

Bardhan Research and Education Trust

The Niel Barfoot Memorial Fund

Barnes Community Association

Barnwood House Trust

Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service

BASIC -Brain and Spinal Injury Charity

BASW Trust (British. Association of Social Workers)

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group

Bath Inst. of Medical Engineering

Bath Small School

Battersea Dogs Home

BBC Children in Need Appeal

Beaumont Baptist Church

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Beck Youth Theatre

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Bedfordshire Conservation Volunteers

Bedfordshire Family History Society.

Bedfordshire Wildlife Trust

Befrienders International

Beit Memorial Fellowships for Medical Research

Benevolent Fund Institute Health Services Management

Berkshire Family History Society

Beyond the Baby Blues

Biblical Creation Society

Bolivar County Literacy Council, Inc.

Boston Mill Society

Byte Back

Boston Foundation, Inc.

Big Issue

BIRD - The Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development

Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society.

Birmingham City Mission

Birmingham Railway Museum Trust

Birth Control Trust Provides legal, medical, and sociological information for the public, the media, health professionals, policy makers and parliamentarians.

Bisexuals Action on Sexual Health
Promoting sexual health of bisexual men and women, with an emphasis on preventing HIV infection.

Blackie Foundation Trust

Black Training & Enterprise Group

Blue Cross

Bluebell Railway Trust


BMA Foundation for AIDS

Bob Champion Cancer Trust

Bodmin & Wenford Railway Trust

Bolton Association And Network Of Drop-ins (BAND)

Bolton Cardiac Support Group

Bolton Volunteer Bureau

Book Aid International

Bootham School

Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

Born Free Foundation

Bread for the City And Zacchaeus Free Clinic, Inc.

Boston Foundation, Inc.

Boston Mill Society

Boughey's Mill Trust

Boys Brigade

Boys Brigade Southport & District Battalion

Boys' Brigade - North West District

Bradford Soup Run

Brain Research Trust


Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign

Brecknock Wildlife Trust

Brent Volunteer Bureau

Bridge House Estates Trust Fund

Bridge Trust

Brighton Crossroads

Brighton & Hove Council for Voluntary Services

Brighton, Hove & Portslade Volunteer Centres

Brighton Youth Orchestra

Bristol Cancer Help Centre

Bristol Inter. Student Centre

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School

Bristol Research into Alzheimer's and Care of the Elderly (BRACE)

British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering

British Association of Clinical Anatomists

British Association for Counselling

British and Foreign Bible Society

British Association of the Hard of Hearing

British Association for Shooting and Conservation

British Brain and Spine Foundation

British Brain Tumour Association

British Chelonia Group

British Computer Association. of the Blind

British Council for Prevention of Blindness

BCS Disability Group
Voluntary organisation which "aims to identify and promote ways in which computer technology can improve the quality of life of people with disabilities".

British Deaf Association

British Dental Health Foundation

British Diabetic Association There are 1.4 million people in the UK with diabetes. The BDA's well-designed site contains advice for sufferers - both type I and type II - carers and healthcare professionals. There's also a "teenzone" for diabetic youngsters.

British Diabetic Association - Newhaven and District Branch

British Digestive Foundation

British Dyslexics
This UK charity aim to give free support to people with the learning disorder dyslexia and provide information for parents, teachers, organisations and employers that request it.

British Dyslexia Association A bank of information about the learning difficulty dyslexia for Britain's two million dyslexic children and adults, their families and teachers. It's provided by the charity who are dedicated to raising awareness of the condition and providing support for those affected by it.

British Entomology Society

British Epilepsy Association

British Epilepsy Association (Huddersfield Branch)

British Heart Foundation The UK's leading charity for coronary patients explain their roles and services and provide advice about leading a healthy life and looking after your heart.

British Home and Hospital for Incurables

British Horse Society

British Institute of Brain-Injured Children

British Institute of Radiology

British Isles Bee Breeders Association.

British Legion (Royal)
The ex-services charity describe their aims, work and achievements, with particular emphasis on the Poppy Appeal during the run-up to Remembrance Day .

British Leprosy Relief Association (LEPRA)

British Library

British Liver Trust help in the UK for people suffering from all types of liver disease. Includes details of research into the causes and treatment of liver problems.

British Lung Foundation

British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern

British Medical Acupuncture Society

British Neurological Research Trust

British Occupational Health Research Foundation

British Organ Donor Society What you need to know about organ donations and transplants: how to get organs and how to give them. A growing embryo site.

British ORT

British Overseas Optical Mission

British Record Industry Trust

British Red Cross Society

British Refugee Council

British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society

British Safety Council

British School of Osteopathy

British Schools Exploring Society

British Sociological Association

British Society for Immunology

British Society for Plant Pathology

British Society of Audiology

British Stammering Association

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV)

British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Association

British Wireless for the Blind Fund

British Youth Council

Broadcasting Support Services - BSS

Broadland Housing Association

Brockwood Park School Krishnamurti Educational Centre

Bromley Victim Support U.K. (Bromley Area Only) Tel: 0181 776 7071

Brooke Hospital for Animals

Buchan Countryside Group

Buckmore Park Scout Centre

Buckinghamshire Community Action

Building Centre Trust

Building Industry Windsor Half Marathon

Burnby Hall Gardens - Pocklington

Burrswood - The Dorothy Kerin Trust

Business in the Community

Buxton Festival Fringe

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From: Ray at Claydon Carpets. Flooring Contractors to Charities, Schools and Associations.
We have now been in business around 15 years in the U.K. Most of our work can be seen at schools, colleges, and sport centres. We also quote for part or full fittings. No job yet has been to large. We specialise in hardwaring cord carpet. It is also ideal in a charities office etc.and comes in a full range of colours and styles. Our estimates are free and very competitive. Should you mention charities partnership when you have a fitting from us, I will gladly give you completely free a playmat to cover a dusty or splintery area. References available upon request.


Charities Partnership are always delighted to assist organisations in any way we can, however sometimes we are so busy helping charities etc. we often over look promoting our own site as much as we would like to. If you could help us by putting a link to our site from your organisation's site it would be greatly appreciated, and it would also enable us to further help others. If you would like to, e-mail us and let us know you have helped in this way as it would be nice to thank you
Thank you for your time and interest, from the team at