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If it's gifts your looking for you can do no better than to choose something unique, colourful and original.

Had a disaster wedding picture experience? If your pictures were not what you expected (perhaps distasteful background, trees coming out of your shoulder or head etc.) and it would be wonderful if the background could be changed. Imagine if you were not standing outside some Registrar building but were instead in a beautiful surrounding such as: beside a lake in a colour full country park or, positioned outside an old English country house. Has that perfect complete family portrait always evaded you. "Sweet little Jamie" will never co-operate every time he sees a camera. Well, now that is possible to have a number of perfect poses put together, so it appears that the family were all co-operating including "sweet little Jamie". We can not only reproduce a background of your choice but, could even turn it into a wonderful water colour style picture or keep it  looking as an original photo.  Whatever the subject, whatever the situation we're your team for the job!

Our products start from as little as 2 sterling. Estimates for specialist projects will be given on request. No order too large or too small.

Some other items also available from your photos are: keyrings; freezer magnets; badges; pocket mirrors; bottle openers; clocks; tea-towels; t-shirts; baseball caps; photo restorations.  From time to time other items are available, contact us via e-mail address cvop at

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So don't forget us when you want an original present as we don't forget "you" are our most important customer.

Thanks for your time and interest.

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